Yoshi’s Woolly World

Embark on a new Yoshi adventure in a world made from yarn, cloth and textiles.

Yoshi’s Woolly World – All Bosses (No Damage)

This video shows how to defeat all bosses without taking damage in Yoshi’s Woolly World for Nintendo Wii U. (1080p 60fps)

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00:00 Big Montgomery #1 (World 1-4: Big Montgomery’s Fort)
01:35 Burt the Bashful (World 1-8: Burt the Bashful’s Castle)
02:56 Knot-Wing the Koopa #1 (World 2-4: Knot-Wing the Koopa’s Fort)
04:35 Bunson the Hot Dog (World 2-8: Bunson the Hot Dog’s Castle)
06:48 Big Montgomery #2 (World 3-4: Big Montgomery’s Bubble Fort)
08:33 Miss Cluck the Insincere (World 3-8: Miss Cluck the Insincere’s Castle)
10:54 Knot-Wing the Koopa #2 (World 4-4: Knot-Wing the Koopa’s Aqua Fort)
13:10 Naval Piranha (World 4-8: Naval Piranha’s Sewer)
15:49 Big Montgomery #3 (World 5-4: Big Montgomery’s Ice Fort)
17:43 Snifberg the Unfeeling (World 5-8: Snifberg the Unfeeling’s Castle)
21:12 Knot-Wing the Koopa #3 (World 6-4: Knot-Wing the Koopa’s Sky Fort)
23:33 Baby Bowser (World 6-8: King Bowser’s Castle)
28:09 Ending

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Yoshi’s Woolly World – Longplay [Wii U]

This version of the game (PAL) released on Jun. 26, 2015.

This was played on the Wii U. No emulator was used.

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Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World – All 31 Short Movies

This video includes every unlockable Yarn Yoshi short movie / all cutscenes of Yoshi Theater mode of Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World for Nintendo 3DS in HD. I hope you’ll enjoy it, rate, comment and subscribe for more, it really helps my channel!:)

All Shorts/Cutscenes in Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World for Nintendo 3DS in HD

How many eggs does it take to beat Yoshi’s Woolly World?

Yoshi’s Woolly World is probably the most beautiful game I’ve played in the past years. It’s gorgeous and everything looks like it is made of yarn! I always wondered how many eggs we needed to beat this game though, so today, let’s find out!

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�� Music Used ��
�� Yoshi’s Woolly World Original Soundtrack
�� Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape
�� Bounceabout Woods
�� Sponge-Cave Spelunking
�� Knitty-Knotty Windmill
�� Shy But Deadly
�� Clawdaddy Beach
�� Across the Fluttering Dunes
�� Duplicitious Delve
�� Yoshi and Cookies
�� Frozen Solid and Chilled
�� Castle Course
�� Vs. Baby Bowser
�� Title Screen
�� Fort Course

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