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User Testimonials

"This challenge motivated me beyond belief."-Brittany
"It’s an awesome app, love it."-Dinesh
"Simple to follow and motivating."-Jason
"I think Praktice Health is a great way to motivate yourself with a better lifestyle, but it also encourages employee engagement and develops relationships. Everyone involved in the challenge motivates and encourages each other, thus creating relationships and increases the overall morale of the company."-Julie
"The app has a great value in helping team building and encouraging one another to eat healthy and be more active."-Andrew
"I was trying to lose weight and this app really helped me."-Manon
"It gave me an easy and straightforward way to track the water I was drinking (or in my particular case, NOT drinking up to this point)."-Laura
"Really impressed how the employees participated and have kept up the buzz"-Eli
"This challenge has been fun and engaging and I feel great! Excellent way to get people into healthy lifestyle."-Isabelle
"Really like the automatic link with Google Fit so that I didn’t have to do anything to record metrics."-Paul
"Fun subject of conversation at work! Also, it was a good opportunity to try others’ activities."-Etienne


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Is This Program For You?

  • Modern user experience (Mobile, Social, Gamification)
  • Extremely quick setup, no installation costs, no long term commitment
  • Great for multiple office locations and time zones
  • Unlimited access to a growing library of simple & fun health programs
  • No additional cost for wearable devices (uses in-phone step counter, BYOD)
  • Perfectly complements existing EAP services and your other on-site activities.
  • Affordable – Get the app, all the communications and the reports for better price.

Administrators Testimonials

"A very positive experience"-HR advisor, Sid Lee
"I have to say that your app has definitely created a buzz, I have enjoyed it myself!"-CEO, Rideau
" We are really pleased with the number of people playing. It is a very fun program to follow and very easy to use application (even for us older folk..)"-CHRO, Rideau
"We are very pleased with the success of the program. Some of us took advantage of the challenge to get fit, others found the motivation to adopt better habits. For a health-focused organization like ours the Praktice Health tool has its place!"-PM,Desjardins

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5 Pillars of Health

5 Pillars of Health

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Inner Power

Inner Power


Great Health Treasure Hunt

Great Health Treasure Hunt


Healthy Foodie

Healthy Foodie


Adventure Atlantis

Adventure Atlantis


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Our challenges have helped people take millions of steps and healthy actions towards improving their lifestyle. 85% of those who took one of our challenges wanted to take another. Over 80% would recommend our app to a friend.