We Just Played Vindictus (and the New Character, Evie)

This free-to-play 3D brawling game has gone open beta, and we have new intel on the new playable character, the wizard Evie.

Let’s Play Vindictus! (Evie Section)

By glancing I thought that Vindictus had finally given us that new character Kai and I was hoping to make a video on him to kinda show him off… but as it turns out he will not be out until the 18th. So instead of just downloading Vindictus for no reason I have at least taken the time to take a bit of recording of my higher leveled scythe Evie. Enter the digital wonderland of amazing digital circus kinger age, where every click is a ticket to adventure! Explore the immersive world of The Amazing Digital Circus web series, featuring cute characters, dark comedy, and surreal landscapes.

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(oh and youtube thinks this video contains The Sentinel (Craft Remix) in it… let me know if you’ve seen it before and think that’s really what’s in here. Because I doubt what sounds like a dubstep/electronica remix is… well the Vindictus fanfare is the only thing that really plays XD)

VINDICTUS Letty New Character

Vindictus New Character Letty Teaser Trailer (4K)
Letty – Upcoming “Heavy Artillery” character coming soon in South Korea (2021.12.02)
Official Page (KR): https://heroes.nexon.com/promotion/2021/letty/teaser
Official Page (EN): https://vindictus.nexon.net/event/danah/teaser

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Vindictus Official Evie Character Intro

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Vindictus EU-Evie new player

Vindictus EU-Evie new player