Active engagement vs Passive engagement

Many tech-enabled wellness programs rely on passive engagement. Count your steps every day, take medical test, watch this video, and log your calories. This provides little engagement boost and leads to the wellness program stigma of “take it or leave it”.
Meanwhile, on-site classes and seminars provide no measure of return, are difficult to organize across multiple locations, require physical space, and the engagement in them is typically low, with the same people attending them all the time.
Gym memberships, and on-site gyms only get used by people who would go to the gym anyway.

How can business leaders engage large portions of their entire staff and measurably improve employee well-being? To help their employees perform at their best, be happier, and be engaged in both work and personal life?
That’s the problem we’ve become obsessed with.

Our solution:A social wellness program based on gamified health challenges.
Research shows that good health is contagious. Social well-being is one of the very best indicators of overall well-being, and people are 5x more likely to interact on mobile. We help businesses to capitalize on these facts andactively engagetheir entire staff by delivering fun, social 30 day programs which cover in-demand subjects on a user-friendly app.
Our programs not only teach new skills but also help them develop into long lasting habits by encouraging daily practice over 30 days. We use clever gamification design, timely notifications, simple activity tracking and motivational health content. Once people witness the effects of better health on their bodies and minds, they are significantly more likely to make those new habits stick for good.
Our programs deliver proven improvements in habits and sense of well-being, and provide powerful team-building. Improvements in those areas lead to better sales, customer service, turnover & ST disability, reductions in costly errors and increases in creative juices.
We also understand that most people don’t want to do the same thing for 12 months. Therefore, we’ve designed challenges for a variety of topics, and are continuously adding new topics to the library.

Chart active campaign vs passive platform

We build a buzz

Get the office talking from your very first challenge, and that momentum carries over into the next challenge, with participation rates rising quarter after quarter, as well as the impact reported by staff members.
These challenges give employee’s something fun to look forward to with their colleagues. The challenges don’t take much time out of your day, don’t require you to get sweaty at a certain place and time, and they really work to improve motivation.

Our challenges get as much engagement in 30 days as many programs get in an entire year.

85% of those who took one of our challenges wanted to take another. Over 80% would recommend our app to a friend. We’ve helped to create countless success stories of people losing weight, reducing stress levels and making significant changes to the lifestyle habits. This is the ultimate reward.

We’re so confident in our challenges that if you are not happy, we will provide a full 100% refund, no questions asked.

The onus is on us to keep your staff motivated and we stand by that. Compared to most of our peers who charge large up-front costs, require long term commitments and no guarantee of results – you can try one of our challenges for 30 days, and if you are not totally happy (and ready to take another) we will refund you.
If your happy, we’ll be glad to setup an annual program which suits you’re needs.
If your goal is to demonstrably increase participation in wellness program, develop employee preventative health skills, and create success stories that you can share with employees and customers, then please give one of our challenges a try.